Abstract submission


Hi, if is the figure caption is added as in image to the document, does it still count as the number of characters? because word doesn’t consider count the number of characters or words in the caption.


Hi @sh79! We answered your question in the Live Chat here: Abstract Submission 2019 Live Chat


how many abstract can submit a member?


Hi @campolom! Welcome to the Neuronline Community. An SfN member can only submit one scientific abstract and one Theme J abstract. Student members may submit an abstract only as a presenting author. More information on abstract submission can be found here: http://www.sfn.org/Meetings/Neuroscience-2019/Abstracts/Rules-for-Abstract-Submissions


Hi, I have a couple of questions about SFN abstracts. We are trying to organize a nanosymposium.

  1. When will we know if we are selected?
  2. A couple of people need to teach. How much flexibility will we have to move it around to accommodate people’s schedules?

Hi @chubykin1, please email our staff at program@sfn.org with your inquiry. They will be better able to answer your questions about nanosymposiums. Thanks!