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Introduction to The Society for Neuroscience’s (SfN) Neuronline Community

Bianca Williams

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Bianca Williams

Welcome to Society for Neuroscience’s (SfN) Neuronline Community! Neuronline is SfN’s member-focused resource for learning and discussion.

 SfN wants to establish a global community of diverse individuals who will support and inspire one another. The Neuronline Community, located within Neuronline, is a place for all neuroscientists at every career stage to share great science, discuss professional development topics, network, collaborate, and keep in touch within a trusted forum.

This space is meant to cultivate conversation around SfN programming, such as articles, webinars, and podcasts, creating opportunities for members to share their perspectives and subject-matter expertise outside of SfN’s annual meeting.

 Members are encouraged to explore the numerous forums in Community and ask questions, participate in discussions, or facilitate conversations with fellow scientists. Visit the Community Leaders Forum and participate in cultivating conversation around SfN programming and share your perspectives and subject-matter expertise.


Before you post, please review SfN’s Community Guidelines.


We encourage members to:

Introduce yourself: Let everyone get to know you by sharing your name, current location, and what you are currently studying or interested in.

Create posts with a clear purpose: Posts should include something that states why the post is relevant, and members should be encouraged to include questions, links, articles, etc. There should be a clear reason why this post is being shared with the broader group.

Be authentic: This is a space for you to be yourself and genuinely connect with others in the neuroscience community.

Be respectful: We want to foster a community based on respect. Although you may not agree with someone’s research or views, please be respectful of their thoughts and opinions.

 Be considerate: Post content that you think will be valuable to other members in the neuroscience field. Please share articles, events, and links that will be helpful to others as opposed to hurtful or harmful to the community.

Be curious: Asking questions will collectively help in building this community. Take advantage of this productive and professional environment to learn from others in your field.

Help others: All communications in the group should be written in a way that provides more context to members who would read them. They should be inviting to read and should encourage others to respond.

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