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  4. REGISTER NOW! Diana Bautista studies the molecular & cellular mechanisms of itch, pain & inflammation. She will discuss recent efforts to understand how neurons are modulated by signals from immune cells under disease conditions & how neurons influence the immune system and contribute to chronic itch, pain & airway inflammation. In addition to her passion for science, she is committed to increasing equity and inclusion in science. As a women of color & first in her family to attend college, she will share her non-traditional path & her perspectives on promoting cultural change in academia.
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    REGISTER NOW! With the rapid development of large-scale neural recording technologies, there is a need for modern statistical methods to dissect and interpret neural recordings. Byron Yu will describe how dimensionality reduction and related methods can be applied to large-scale neural recordings to provide new insights about brain function. He will also discuss the benefits of quantitative and experimental scientists working together at every stage of the scientific process: from experimental conception and design, to data analysis, to development of new statistical tools, and beyond.
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    REGISTER NOW! The associations between brain function and behavior remain elusive. This lack of knowledge prevents effective interventions in the field of mental health. With the availability of large datasets it is becoming clearer that such associations are dominated by small effects, requiring large amounts of data for reproducible results. In this talk, Dr. Miranda-Dominguez will present several methodologies aimed to maximize reliability of findings using functional MRI and will describe how this knowledge can be used to design personalized interventions.
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    REGISTER NOW! Paul Cisek is interested in how the brain controls our interactions with the world. His laboratory uses behavioral studies, neurophysiological recordings, and computational modeling to investigate how the brain selects and plans actions in a dynamically changing environment. He will describe the motivation behind this interest, its many sources of inspiration, and the challenges and joys of trying to synthesize insights from diverse fields.
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    REGISTER NOW! Humans flexibly accomplish many diverse tasks in the service of their goals. This ability appears to depend on coordinated interactions among brain regions that form large-scale networks. Many open questions remain regarding how networks are organized, how they vary across people and time, and how they contribute to complex goal-directed functions. Dr. Gratton will discuss her path toward an individually-focused "precision" approach to measuring human brain networks and insights from this work.
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    REGISTER NOW! Bio-photonic nanotools, including organic nanoparticles and photochromic compounds, represent a gene-free strategy for wireless neural photostimulation. Current studies in animal models are addressing their potential application in the cure of human neurodegenerative diseases. Organic nanodevices are starting a new era of tissue electronics, in which light-sensitive molecules and live tissues integrate to create hybrid neuronal interfaces for neuroprosthetics.
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    REGISTER NOW! Recreational drug use continues to harm health, as well as vocational and inter-personal success, for some individuals. The complexities of human histories, contingencies and social settings make it difficult to isolate the effects of specific drugs, thus animal models can assist in providing clear guidance. Dr. Taffe will describe how models from non-human primate to rat to the crayfish have been used in his lab to determine effects of popular recreational drugs.
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    REGISTER NOW! Genetic and neuroscience advances are providing ideas for biology-based interventions in autism spectrum disorder, but none of these have translated to new treatments. Dr. Veenstra-VanderWeele will discuss opportunities and challenges for the pathway from bench to bedside. He will highlight the power and limitations of model systems, as well as the uncertainty around target populations and clinical outcome measures.
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    REGISTER NOW! I will discuss the pathway that led me to study the cell biology of learning-related synaptic plasticity and will review our understanding of how experience regulates gene expression to alter neuronal connectivity and store memories. I will also discuss my roles as medical school dean and Director of the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative and Neuroscience Collaborations, with a focus on the challenges and opportunities for driving change to advance biomedical research.
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    REGISTER NOW! The presenter describes how an infant/preschool psychiatrist evolved as a researcher in collaboration with neuroscientists to investigate the neural correlates of emotion development and risk for psychopathology. The integration of phenomenological and neural data in early childhood and balancing these domains in a multi-disciplinary research team will be discussed. To design studies with high potential for clinical translation, we have integrated of neural data into clinical trials. New ventures integrating human and animal models towards this end will also be described.
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    REGISTER NOW! Astrocytes were hardly studied in the past in the context of higher brain function, and if they were it was as disruptors of it. In recent years there is a growing interest in how astrocytes are involved in memory, and I will talk about how they are involved in recent and remote memory with activity- and projection- specificity. I will then present a new role of astrocyte in encoding (themselves!) environmental data, specifically reward location. I will present the methods, and how important it is to work on awake behaving animals.
  15. Hi everybody, I'm a PhD student working on astrocytes responses to brain injury and I'm particularly interested in their latent neural stem cell potential. I'm looking for a male roommate to book a double as close as possible to the convention center. From November 11 (or 12) to 16 I've found that Horton grand Hotel is super close and splitting a double would cost around 125$/night per person!! (for students and category I II III members, up to 23th august) Please let me know if you're interested so that we can manage to book the room asap Cheers!!
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  17. To whom seeing this post I found a roommate. I'd like to close this issue. Thanks!
  18. Nagehan Demirci

    Looking for a female roommate

    My name is Nagehan Demirci. I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Notre Dame, Bioengineering Graduate Program. I am looking for a female roommate to split the housing expenses. My email is ndemirci@nd.edu. Please feel free to contact me!
  19. Hi, I'm a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania studying cortical states during anesthesia as well as cortical dynamics during learning. I guess I was a little late, but I found a nice deal on a 2-bed room! It's a hostel so it's a bunk bed, but 4 blocks from the convention center and <$200/night. I'm arriving on Saturday and leaving on Wednesday. Let me know if you're interested in splitting.
  20. Leykashree Nagendren

    Looking for a female roommate - found!

    Hi Megan, just sent you an email!
  21. Hello, my name is Megan. I'm planning to book a room with two queen beds from November 11-November 17. A little bit about me: I'm from and live in Arizona, USA, where I just finished my bachelor's degree and work in bioinformatics; I would like to go to graduate school in the future. My current research mainly involves characterizing longRNA in various biofluids, mostly in relation to neurological disorders (but it can be different sometimes which is fun!). I'll probably be at the conference most of the time, and I'm pretty introverted, so I'll be pretty tired and quiet when I am around (don't take it personally). If anyone would like to share a room, please contact me at mhall@tgen.org
  22. Hannah Zikria-Hagemeier

    NSP '22 - '23 Live Chat: Triannual Check-In -- Well-being

    NSP Live Chat: Triannaul Check-In -- Well-being Wednesday November 2nd, 2022 2:00 - 3:00 PM Discussion Leaders: Karina Alvina, PhD and Brandi J. Mattson
  23. EEG, biological rhythms and aging/Alzheimer´s disease I am in Colombia now and we have a SfN-poster last year and this year about EEG, biological rhythms and aging/Alzheimer´s disease. We have some initiatives in Asia regarding these issues. Please write us if you want to have research collaborations in this area. Juan Fernando Gómez-Molina PhD IGN(S,E,P) gomezmoljfmedcol@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/juan-gomez/a/a2b/418 Researchgate: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Juan_Gomez8/publications Academia: https://upb-co.academia.edu/Gomez ORCID ID: Gomez JF orcid.org/0000-0001-9695-7867 Loop: loop.frontiersin.org/people/634962/overview Youtube channel: Please Search for “Neuroelectric Minds” (English) or copy: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vqUepOMtNP8 “Mentes Neuroelectricas” (Spanish)
  24. I am a Cameroonian looking for a female roommate to share a room at SfN near the convention center. I speak English and French. If interested please message me at fantayadang@gmail.com
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  26. Hello I'm Shuyu, a female final year med student from Munich, Germany and I'm still looking for a roomie to share a room at Hilton San Diego Bayfront. I've already booked a room with 2 Queen beds, feel free to contact me at shuyu.zhang@gmx.de. Cheers, Shuyu
  27. Nira Hernández Martín

    Female student to share a double room for SfN2022

    Finally I found my roommate! Thanks for all the emails. Hope to see you all in San Diego! :)
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