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  7. Darren Bailey

    The hallmarks of the essay genre

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  8. Guest

    Assignment Help Darwin

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  9. Dear SfN Members, The Retinal ganglion cell (RGC) Repopulation, Stem cell Transplantation, and Optic nerve Regeneration (RReSTORe) consortium is currently seeking collaborative, innovative, and passionate investigators, especially trainees and junior faculty within 5 years of initial appointment (i.e. Emerging Vision Scientists), to join an initiative that will advance translational development of vision restoration therapies for glaucoma and other primary optic neuropathies. RReSTORe aims to assemble an international group of more than 100 leading and emerging investigators from related fields. Click here to view the RReSTORe Website Emerging Vision Scientists, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds in science and medicine, are strongly encouraged to apply. We hope to over travel grants to the 2022 RReSTORe Workshop. Click here to apply as an Emerging Vision Scientist The goals of the consortium are: To define and prioritize the most critical challenges and questions related to RGC regeneration over the next five years. To brainstorm innovative tools and experimental approaches to meeting these challenges while fostering opportunities for collaborative scientific investigation among diverse investigators. The RReSTORe initiative is being developed through a three-phased process. In phase I an international group of scientists with diverse interests and expertise will be assembled to delineate the most important questions and challenges hindering clinical translation of vision restoration treatments for optic neuropathy though an iterative, inclusive, consensus-based process. Most of the process will take place through a series of web-based discussions beginning in 2022. In Phase II, participants will meet in person for the RReSTORe workshop on Friday April 29th, 2022 in Denver Colorado, immediately preceding the ARVO meeting. Participants will share ideas, insights, and data in a collaborative roundtable discussion to identify tools, models, and experiments that will propel clinical translation of vision restoring optic neuropathy treatments. In phase III, we will establish a sustainable, collaborative network of investigators who will advance the field of RGC replacement, with an emphasis on maximizing diversity of participants. A web-based collaborative platform, facilitating discussions and debriefings, will follow the RReSTORe workshop. A discussion board for conversations and a quarterly webconference will be established and actively moderated indefinitely. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Best wishes, Tom Johnson on behalf of the RReSTORe Organizing Committee: Tom Johnson, Adriana Di Polo, Petr Baranov, Kim Gokoffski, Jeff Goldberg, Bill Guido, Carol Mason, Tom Reh, Ahmara Ross, Brian Samuels, Derek Welsbie, and Don Zack Thomas V Johnson III, MD, PhD The Allan & Shelley Holt Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University Clinic: 600 N Wolfe St, Maumenee B-110 Lab: 400 N Broadway, Smith M-027 Baltimore, MD 21287. Tel: 443-287-3542
  10. Vanessa Sanders

    CCCvision 2020

    Growing tuition fees, unfortunately, reduce the number of people applying to community colleges every year. Since there’s no way to stop the process of price growth, various initiatives and endeavors try to find other solutions. The Commission on the Future plans to transform the views on learning. To be exact, CCCvision 2020 is a big project that wants to change the educational system the way more school graduates and other people have access to it. You’ve probably heard that education is supposed to be accessible and affordable for everyone who needs it, but the reality is a bit different now. If education were available for all members of society, Cccvision2020.org and thousands of similar organizations wouldn’t exist at all. The Commission philosophy focuses on three important aspects: access, equity, and success. The full list of plans and goals is available on our website - https://www.cccvision2020.org. If we try to outline them briefly, we can say that the Commission wants all students to be successful in academics. It also plans to ensure social and ethnic equity in education. Of course, the last goal we’ve already mentioned — make college diplomas, degrees, and certificates available for all people.
  11. I booked a room with 2 double beds at the Best Western Grant Park Hotel, Chicago for 193/night from 11/13-11/17. Would love to be able to split that with someone. Please email me at loido@email.arizona.edu if interested. Thanks! Loi
  12. Mikayla Dilbeck

    Looking for a roommate!

    Hello! Looking for a roommate from Nov 13 - 17 for SFN. I have not booked a hotel yet. My email is mikdilbeck@gmail.com. Let me know if you are interested!
  13. Rakesh Nanjappa

    Need a roommate ($115 per night)

    Update: Room's taken.
  14. Hi. I have a single room with 2 queen beds booked from 13-17 Nov at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago Magnificent Mile. Anyone looking to share the room contact me at knrakesh91@gmail.com. Or if you have a room in a different hotel, I am willing to consider cancelling my booking and share a room with them.
  15. Below is a list of resources from Black Lives Matter: Maintaining the Movement Panel Discussion panelists. View the full webinar recording on Neuronline. SfN’s Diverse Speaker List A list of external organizations that are available to identify speakers from diverse programs. SfN Diversity Initiatives A List of initiatives and resources focusing on increasing diversity in the field. Eight Changes for Racial Equity (8CRE) Eight Changes for Racial Equity proposed to National Institutes of Health (NIH) leadership in 2020 by members of the NIH community serving in various roles who are motivated to ensure NIH workplace culture is one free of racism, discrimination, and harassment; and committed to compassion, respect, and understanding for all. National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity An independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students. Diverse Sources A searchable database of underrepresented experts in science, health, and environmental fields University of Massachusetts, Amherst DEI A blog containing a list of notable Black scholars who have significantly advanced science, technology, and medicine. Complex Systems Lab – University of Pennsylvania A resource filled with simple things you can do to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Editors of Color A database aimed at connecting talented editors, proofreaders, and sensitivity readers with employers and recruiters seeking to diversify their teams and broaden their perspectives. The Leadership Alliance A career builder that brings together the best minds and ideas to promote cultural diversity and address the shortage of individuals from historically underrepresented groups in doctoral training programs, academia, and the broader research workforce. Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience An international organization supporting neuroscience research and education at the undergraduate level. National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke The official guidelines for addressing appropriate representation in R13 grant. Biotechnology Student Leadership Diversity and Inclusion Initiative A group of biotechnology student organization leaders from across the United States that have come together in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement to create a coalition to address racism in the biomedical sciences ecosystem.
  16. Zhen Liao

    I Need a Roommate

    Hi, Boniface! May I have your email please?
  17. I booked a room with 2 double beds at the Swissotel Chicago for 179/night. Would love to be able to split that with someone. Please email me at psg35@georgetown.edu if interested. Thanks! Phil
  18. Boniface Echefu

    I Need a Roommate

    Hi! I already booked a room of 4@ $149 at Freehand Chicago. If you are Willi g to share with me feel free to get in touch. If you have one kindly let me know so that we can cancel one.
  19. Amanda Kimball

    *How to Post in This Forum*

    How do I post in this forum? Make sure you’re logged in. You will need to be logged in to the site with either an SfN member or non-member account. Once you are logged in, click on the “Start new topic” box that appears on the top right side of the page. How do I follow a category/topic/member? To follow a category or topic, click on the white “Follow” box in that category or thread. To follow a member, click on their name to go to their profile, then click the “Follow Member” button next to their name.
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    This webinar is exclusive for SfN members. Please log in or link your FENs membership for access. All living organisms are able to implement adaptation mechanisms that allow them to survive even in the most extreme conditions. Cerebral ischemia represents an extreme condition in which CNS cells are called upon to automate adaptations that ensure survival. This concept is exemplified and perfectly reproduced in the tolerance induced by the phenomena of ischemic conditioning. Ischemic conditioning is used to group together a few different stressors or interventions able to confer resistance to a deleterious brain event as an adaptive biological process. Ischemic conditioning through the exposure to a sub-threshold insult as above mentioned, can confer neuroprotection both if conditioning stimuli is applied before, as preconditioning stimulus, or if it is delivered after the harmful ischemia, as occurs in postconditioning. Over the years, several molecular pathways have been proposed as plausible mechanisms to explain the adaptive phenomena induced by hypoxia. This webinar will discuss mechanisms involved in post-ischemic brain adaptation . The knowledge of these mechanisms may provide information to bring light on those molecular pathways involved in brain protection. In this webinar, speakers will cover points including: Post-ischemic brain remodeling and plasticity, evaluating pathomechanisms contributing to secondary brain injury and searching strategies that promote neurological recovery in the post-acute stroke phase. What the function of peripheral events in inducing brain tolerance to stroke. The plethora of factors that can influence the tolerance phenomenon occurring during pre- and post-conditioning Why it is important to escape a neuron-centric view and to consider the role of other cell types, including small vessels, in the mechanism of brain adaptation. Find out more here: https://neuronline.sfn.org/scientific-research/brain-stroke
  22. until
    Join SfN Journal authors and editors as they discuss recent original research published in JNeurosci and eNeuro. This new monthly webinar series, “SfN Journals: In Conversation,” launches May 2021 and takes place the 4th Tuesday of each month from noon – 1pm ET / 9am – 10am PT / 4pm – 5pm GMT. Registration is complimentary and exclusive for SfN members. https://neuronline.sfn.org/scientific-research/sfn-journals-in-conversation
  23. until
    Join SfN Journal authors and editors as they discuss recent original research published in JNeurosci and eNeuro. This new monthly webinar series, “SfN Journals: In Conversation,” launches May 2021 and takes place the 4th Tuesday of each month from noon – 1pm ET / 9am – 10am PT / 4pm – 5pm GMT. Registration is complimentary and exclusive for SfN members. https://neuronline.sfn.org/scientific-research/sfn-journals-in-conversation
  24. until
    Join SfN Journal authors and editors as they discuss recent original research published in JNeurosci and eNeuro. This new monthly webinar series, “SfN Journals: In Conversation,” launches May 2021 and takes place the 4th Tuesday of each month from noon – 1pm ET / 9am – 10am PT / 4pm – 5pm GMT. Registration is complimentary and exclusive for SfN members. Register here for this interactive session.
  25. Xiaojing Liu

    the member registration

    Dear madame/sir, There are two sponsors ID needed during my registration process as individual member, I can only provide my own ID, is there any other people can become the 2nd sponsor in the SFN forum? Thank you very much. Xiaojing Liu,PhD
  26. Please note that the Roommate Matching Forum is a public forum, so use discretion when posting identifying information. If you prefer not to list your contact information here or if you accidentally post private information, follow the steps below. Send a direct message Click the username of the individual you would like to message Click "Message" on the profile page Editing posts You can edit your post to remove any identifying information by clicking the "Edit" button below your post
  27. To assist with selecting a roommate and making lodging arrangements, here's a of questions you might want to discuss with potential roommates: Do you snore? Do you smoke or do you require a non-smoking room? Do you go to bed early or stay up late? Do you have any special requirements or needs? Who will make reservations with the hotel? What type of room will you choose? How will the cost of the room be divided among each guest? Who will confirm billing arrangements with the hotel? Who will provide a credit card upon checking in? Will you block incidentals from the room, require cash payment for room service and other hotel services? As this list does not provide a comprehensive set of questions addressing every aspect of shared lodging, users are responsible for considering questions that address concerns specific to each individual. Please note that it is not SfN's responsibility to address these issues and ensure any arrangements resulting from use of this forum are adhered to.
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