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Scientific Research and Training

Stay up to date on the latest science with these lay summaries, podcasts, and videos of research happening in the field.


  1. Scientific Research Discussion

    Stay up to date on the latest and greatest in neuroscience research!

    • Michael Oberdorfer
  2. Resources to Enhance Scientific Rigor

    SfN has partnered with NIH and leading neuroscientists who are experts in the field of scientific rigor to offer the series, Promoting Awareness and Knowledge to Enhance Scientific Rigor in Neuroscience as a part of NIH’s Training Modules to Enhance Data Reproducibility (TMEDR).

    All original materials produced in this series are provided open access to the field and are supported by Grant Number R25DA041326 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The contents of this series are solely the responsibility of the Society for Neuroscience and do not necessarily reflect the official views of NIDA.

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    • aabdullah
  4. Optogenetics Training Series

    Share insights, best practices, ask questions, and engage with other participants of SfN's Optogenetic Training Series.

    • nedloh
  5. Program Development

    A forum for faculty to learn strategies for strengthening your academic program and for students to learn tips for navigating academia.

    • leah_roesch
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