Time to get ready-Anand Krishnan(official blog#1)



My first exposure to SFN was in 2013. I got my accommodation a little far away from the giant convention center where the conference took place. Not a problem!!! SFN shuttle was there all over the city. I got into one few steps away from my hotel and as the bus approached the convention center I felt the festive ambience of the world’s largest conference in neuroscience. I met overwhelming crowd of neuroscientists, exhibit booths, scientific posters, professional development workshops and so on. Totally unplanned, I lost my first day looking for something that I really didn’t figure out what. While sitting on the floor exhausted, one thing was certain to me: Drowned in the crowd somewhere, SFN has everything to offer me. All I need is a well-crafted itinerary.
So I use this space to remind everyone, especially newcomers, it’s time to plan. If you haven’t done already, download neuroscience 2017 app to your Smartphone and make your schedule there. Figure out early what you are looking for. Follow previous posts from neuroscientists to learn about Exhibit booths, Neurojobs Career Centre and free socials at SFN. Do you want to stand out in the crowd in future with your stimulating science? then go to presidential lectures to meet the role models that take over the floor.

You are in Washington DC and want to explore around?, most of the Smithsonian museums are at walking distance from the convention center and has free entry. Also look for World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and Library of Congress.

Don’t forget to carry your badge all time. There are volunteers to monitor and you need it to sign up for sessions and at exhibit booths. My badge says Anand Krishnan, University of Alberta. I am a postdoctoral fellow and my research interest is on peripheral nerve regeneration. I will be posting on Themes B&C during the meeting covering glia, neurodegenerative disorders and injury.

Once again don’t forget three things before heading to Washington!!!
plan plan PLAN

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