Tackling Challenges in Scientific Rigor: The (Sometimes) Messy Reality of Science



Rigorous conduct of science is the cornerstone of the scientific endeavor, touching on established practices for experimental design, data analysis, and transparency, as well as other issues like publishing and funding pressures. Knowing how to address these issues is critical for a successful career in science. This workshop explores practical examples of the challenges and solutions in conducting rigorous science from the real-life examples of neuroscientists at various career stages. It focuses on development of the interpersonal, scientific, and technical skills necessary to address various issues in scientific rigor, such as what to do when you can’t replicate a published result, how to get support from a mentor, and how to cope with various career pressures that might affect the quality of your science.

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many thanks for proposing this interesting subject. In the last year we have made a private-public partnership (pharma companies and universities) aiming to challenge data reproducibility using iPSC-derived neurons. Our experience and results might be quite useful to present it within this workshop.
Not sure if we are still on time to include it in the agenda, but happy to discuss about it.