Looking for female undergraduate roommates - 11/3 - 11/6 or 11/7


Hi, my name is Latha and I’m a senior undergraduate student attending the meeting! I’m trying to find the cheapest option for hotel rooms and was thinking maybe a quad would be cheapest, but open to anything! reply on here if you would be interested!


Hi! My name is Saranya, and I’m currently a second year medical student also trying to find a roommate for 11/3-11/7. Would you be interested in sharing a room? Also looking for student housing with a shuttle service, and cheapest is best.


Hi, I am actually having some issues with my travel grant and may not know until September. Is that too late of a notice?


Are you still looking for a roommate?


Hi Saranya,

I am an undergraduate from Chicago. I have a room booked at Hilton DoubleTree if you and another female would like to share the other queen bed. I have reserved the room for check-in 11/3 and check-out 11/6. The final cost of the room after fees is $761.19, so if you choose to share the other bed then your nightly cost will be $63.43. If you want the bed to yourself it will be double. The hotel is 1 mile from the convention center, which is quite convenient!

Let me know!


I am also a female undergrad looking for roomates! I am planning to stay from 11/3 and check out 11/5. It’d be great if I could split the cost just for those 2 nights that I am staying. Please let me know if any of you are still looking for roomates!

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Hi Margaret !! Are you still looking for roommate? I am interested! I’m from Argentina, I’m PhD student and I’ll be arriving at San Diego on 11/3. Let me know! My mail is paulaalbrecht2@gmail.com