Looking for female roommate 11/4-11/7 (Found)


Hi there!

My name is Song-jun. I am a female postdoc working in neuroepigenetics from University of Pennsylvania. I have a Marriott Gaslamp Quarter double beds hotel room reserved for 11/4-11/8, and I am looking for a female roommate to share the room. If you are interested, please reach me at songjun@pennmedicine.upenn.edu. Thank you!



Hi !! Are you still looking for roommate? I am interested! I’m from Argentina, I’m student ohd and I’ll be arriving at San Diego on 11/3.
you can write me at paulaalbrecht2@gmail.com


My name is Rushna Shrestha. I am a master’s student from hunter college in New York. My work is focused on neuroscience.
If you are still looking for room mate please let me know.
My email is rushnashrestha@gmail.com.

Thank you!


Hi, Song,

I am Cuihong Jia, a female junior faculty at East Tennessee State University. If your room is still available, I am interested in it. I will be there on 11/4 and leave on 11/8. My email address is jiac01@etsu.edu