Looking for 1-3 female roommates or room 9 or 10th to 15th Nov


Hi Sandra,

I am a female graduate student from UAB looking for a room the 11th through the 15th. I see that there are two beds. How many people would be sharing the room in total? Can we discuss availability and details via email?


Hi Stacie,

sure, we still have room and you would be welcome to share. So far we are
two people and the room has two double beds with a capacity for 4 total.
You can shoot me an email at Sandra.Hackelberg(at)northwestern.edu



Hi Sandra,

I apologize for the delay. An issue came up with our student and it looks
like she will not be attending the conference this year. I appreciate your
prompt responses and I wish you luck finding another person.



ok Alicia, thanks for letting me know


Hi, I am a female postdoc at CSHL, NY. I am looking for a non-expensive hotel to share for Nov 10-15. Can I join you? Thanks. My email: farznaj@gmail.com