Funding sources for outreach?


In addition to my research as a postdoc, I co-direct an outreach program - YES! Youth Engaged in Science Initiative - started by my lab last fall. The program has a huge focus on science (brain) education, but also has other components such as mentoring and community engagement. Our target populations are middle and high school students (and their families) from underrepresented minority communities. We’ve had quite a busy and successful year and we are looking forward to another year!

However, we need some financial support! Most of our funding has come out of my PI’s grant money, but we also received some start up money from the university. We are looking to get some outside funding, perhaps from private foundations or any other grant agencies (although we realize NSF is no longer offering K-12 funding support).

Does anyone know of funding opportunities for K-12 science education? Does SfN offer funding support for outreach? 

Any help along those lines would be very much appreciated!


I know your question was asked several months ago, but I was in this forum and realized no one had answered your question. 

SfN offers support for outreach and partnerships through the chapter grants program.

Rest assured that NSF still supports pre-college science education.   The DRK-12 program is one option.  This program’s next deadline is in Oct of 2014. 

NSF has a number of additional funding options through  Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL) 

If you need a small amount of money for a single event, you may want to approach places like Home Depot or Publix.  They often support educational efforts within their own community.  You will likely have to submit something to their main offices well in advance of your event since the stores now need prior approval for these efforts.  I suggest going into a local store and asking the manager about possible sponsorship.

Sorry for the long delay in a response to your question!