Creating a Quartet for SfN Annual Meeting?


I’ve always wanted to put together a piano quartet for the music social.

I have a degree in piano performance (and experience in harpsichord). Please let me know if you are interested in putting together a quartet or even if you are a pianist and want to play a four hand piece.


I play clarinet and I would love to join! You can contact me at
-Elise Piazza


That sounds cool! I play violin and love to join!


Awesome! I will touch base in a week and see if we gain more interest. In the meantime, any ideas on the piece we want to play?


Aw – when I saw “Quartet” in the post title, I was thinking “barbershop quartet”. I can sing – if there are any other folks down to do some kind of vocal performance, I’d be down. Perhaps some kind of science-spoofy stuff?


Hi everyone!
Any ideas on pieces? I wanted to touch base. :grinning: