Amanda Labuza, SfN 2017 Blogger



Hi Everyone! I’m Amanda Labuza, a PhD student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. While at UMB I have helped run an outreach group for several years. I’m excited to share the latest outreach and advocacy (Theme J) news with you during the annual meeting. My research focuses on calcium regulation in muscles. I’ll be sure to also share some of what I learn on Motor Systems (Theme E) here.

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Welcome to the Neuroscience 2017 Blogs!

Hi Amanda!
I will be covering motor systems too!
I would absolutely like to write about:
-the 10th Satellite Symposium on Motor Systems
-the minisymposium: Modulation of spinal cord motor networks: new perspectives in the control of movement

And I would be also interested in the special lecture by Ole Kiehn: “Diversified spinal and brain circuits for locomotor behavior”

What do you think? Do you want to tell me which events do you want to cover, so we can be sure not to overlap?

As you wish! :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for filling me in!

That sounds perfect! I was going to write either about a Parkinson’s
minisymposium or a summary of a few posters I was looking at. I’ll probably
be spending more time on muscle physiology and motor diseases. It sounds
like you’ll be covering more of the spinal cord sections. So we should be
good. But it was so smart of you to double check. Thanks again!