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Toward Novel Therapies in Psychiatry: Zooming into Brain-Periphery, Dysfunction, and Crosstalk


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Andrew Chen

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Malfunctioning of neuronal circuits and peripheral systems (e.g metabolism, immune or microbiota) underlie aspects of psychiatric disorders. One of the major challenges in neuroscience is understanding the mechanisms and temporal dynamics of such changes within discrete neuronal connections, or within precise peripheral players. Such understanding can reveal new therapeutic strategies and refine existing ones.

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Delineate the main brain circuitries affected in psychiatric disorders.
  • Describe how external stimuli may disturb the function of brain connection and periphery.
  • Identify how the periphery, particularly the immune system, can control brain function.
  • Define some of the targets (brain and periphery level) exploitable for therapeutic purposes.
  • Explain the new avenues neurobiology is providing for treatment.
  • Describe how different kinds of food-related information modulate the brain's hunger circuit
  • Explain the new avenues neurobiology is providing for treatment.

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