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Octopus and its brain... I said brain?????

Hugo Sanchez-Castillo

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Hugo Sanchez-Castillo

When we talk about neurosciences, in a regular fashion, we think in a regular brain. I mean hippocampus, amygdala, prefrontal cortex, and so. However, when we look closer in other species, we found that there is no such thing as a regular brain. That's the case of the Octopus (particularly we are interested in Octopus Maya), in this organism, it was possible to distinguish 30 different lobes that make up the central ganglion and at least two for each of the axial ganglia, with the identification of at least 10 neuronal types different. One of the most exciting things about all this is that the octopus is capable of having cognitive processes, complex behaviors, etc... All this without a regular mammalian brain!!

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