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LATP Alumni needed for Live Chats

Cashen Almstead

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Cashen Almstead

Are you interested in helping your LATP colleagues learn and grow? A great way to support them is by hosting a live chat for LATP Fellows and Associates! Live chats are opportunities for LATP Fellows and Associates to have informal discussions with colleagues and leaders in neuroscience. Some topics that scholars have requested include:

              - Conflict resolution

              - Finding mentors

              - Neuroscience advocacy

              - Science communication for the public

              - Balancing career and personal life

              - Collaborative science

              - Staying productive when working from home

              - Advice in the time of COVID

              - Submitting a manuscript

              - The importance of the elevator pitch


If you would like to host a live chat, please complete this survey. You can talk about one of the above topics, your career journey, or another topic.


Thank you for your commitment to keeping the LATP strong!


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Cashen Almstead

Other suggested topics include: 

- Personal and professional challenges in research collaborations
- Overcoming challenges (particularly funding challenges) of being a postdoctoral researcher in home country and abroad
- How to prepare to get a PhD or postdoc position outside home country
- Time management / managing time between writing and experiments 
- Mental health in academia 
- Career planning 
- Managing stress and anxiety / coping with research and professional goals
- How to negotiate with your PI 
- Finding your niche within your field of work 
- Dealing with vanity in academia 
- What is expected to be written in a proposal/grant request

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