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SfN Seeks Live Chat Discussion Leaders for '20-'21 LATP

Stephanie Vose

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Stephanie Vose

Are you interested in giving back to the LATP? SfN is currently seeking live chat discussion leaders for the 2020-2021 LATP! If you have a preference for a specific topic, we are open to suggestions. If you are not sure of a topic but want to lead a live chat discussion, you can select from the topic list below. Don't see the topic you're looking for? We're open to suggestions so please let us know! 


Topic List 

  • Personal and professional challenges in research collaborations
  • Overcoming challenges (particularly funding challenges) of being a postdoctoral researcher in home country and abroad
  • How to prepare to get a PhD or postdoc position outside home country
  • Time management / managing time between writing and experiments 
  • Mental health in academia 
  • Career planning 
  • Tips for working from home when you can’t be in the lab
  • Managing stress and anxiety / coping with research and professional goals
  • How to negotiate with your PI 
  • Dealing with conflict in the lab 
  • Finding your niche within your field of work 
  • Dealing with vanity in academia 
  • What is expected to be written in a proposal/grant request


What is a live chat and how is it different from a webinar?
A live chat is an informal conversation between the discussion leader(s) and audience. The live chat leader introduces a topic to the audience and then generates a discussion. Leaders generate engagement by posing open-ended questions and sharing experience and resources. Participants respond by asking questions or posting comments. Participants are able to interact with the leader as well as the other participants during the chat. Live chats are hosted in the LATP Community group under the Live Chats tab. Live chats on Community are completely text-based, like a continuous chatroom. They are meant to be ongoing discussions where participants can return and add to the conversation. 

A webinar is a formal presentation which is recorded in advance and released for participants to watch on demand.  Though a webinar Q&A session is typically held in the weeks following a webinar's release, participants only interact with the guest, not with each other. Webinar Q&As are focused on answering specific questions rather than having a two-way dialogue as described in the live chat experience. 

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