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GRIN2B Foundation Research Grant Award - Applications Open!

Stephanie Vose

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Stephanie Vose

GRIN2B is a gene located on the short arm of the 12th chromosome at 12p13.1. It is one member of a family of 7 genes: GRIN1, GRIN2A, GRIN2B, GRIN2C, GRIN2D, GRIN3A, and GRIN3B. These genes encode proteins that together form a receptor responsible for sending chemical messages between neurons in the brain. Changes to the GRIN2B gene are generally de novo and cause a condition that, as of 2018, is now referred to as GRIN2B-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder. This neurological condition is often characterized by low muscle tone, developmental delays, seizures and speech and behavioral difficulties. The spectrum of abilities is quite broad depending on the exact genetic variation. There are no approved therapies, and the current standard of care is not effective in improving cognitive, language or motor deficits.

Eligibility Criteria
The GRIN2B Foundation Research Grant Award is available to both established and early career investigators with a strong interest in GRIN2B. All individuals should be affiliated with an academic institution, hospital system, non-profit institution or other accredited institutions. International applicants are welcome to apply; however, all materials must be submitted in English. Eligible applicants include post-doctoral fellows, clinical fellows, researchers, physicians and other allied professionals. All applications require either a faculty level appointment or a senior scientific position/faculty member to oversee the project. GRIN2B Foundation does not require a Letter of Intent (LOI).

GRIN2B Foundation Research Priority Areas
• Furthering the basic understanding of GRIN2B function and expression.
• Elucidating neural circuit mechanisms that underlie clinical phenotypes.
• Gaining a more in-depth understanding of the varying clinical phenotypes and clinical presentation over development.
• Advancing insight into therapeutic interventions, such as the development of novel treatments, evaluation of the efficacy of pharmacological and behavioral treatments, exploration of genetic approaches, and the identification of objective outcome markers for treatment. Budget: The maximum budget for an award is $40,000 per year, for one year. Indirect costs are not supported.

Applications close July 31, 2020. 


Learn more and apply: http://grin2b.com/for-researchers/

Download a flyer below 

GRIN2B Foundation 2020 Research Grant Application - Final.pdf


Neuroscience Scholars Program Fellow @Kylie McPherson contributed to an article on JNeurosci related to GRIN2B research titled Context-Induced Reinstatement of Methamphetamine Seeking Is Associated with Unique Molecular Alterations in Fos-Expressing Dorsolateral Striatum Neurons

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