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Making the Most of Scientific Meetings - Q&A w/ Alumni

Stephanie Vose

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Stephanie Vose

To ensure LATP scholars can make the most out of their Neuroscience 2019 experience (or other scientific meeting), SfN staff organized a Q&A session with former LATP Fellows, Drs. @mietto and @Giovanne Diniz to share their experiences at SfN annual meetings. Together, they provided insight and answered questions.This Q&A session took place September 20 from 11:00am to 12:00pm ET

Attendees were asked to prepare for the Q&A by watching this 45-minute webinar “Getting the Most Out of the Annual Meeting”.

This webinar focuses on:

•             Understanding different types of events

•             Taking advantage of professional development and networking opportunities

•             Planning your schedule in advance




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