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About the webinars and share of experiences and views


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Greetings, I enjoyed the first webinar because it gives us a perspective about the history of the neuroscience training programs in Latin America and its future which we are now part of.

I just wanted to share a few thoughts about the webinar’s format. I find it very useful as it allows an organized discussion among many participants in real time (The “rise hand” button is a good idea), as well as the posting question methods, also we can continue the conversation through the discussion forum.

I am glad that we will have access to the material presented at The Institute of Neurobiology in Juriquilla, because we will have a nice course, on one hand a strong background and view of cuting-edge concepts in the functioning of the brain at the cellular, circuit and behavioral level and the opportunity to develop through the webinars valuable skills to perform a better scientific job.

I do not know what are the perspectives for the future in a scientific career in other Latin American countries, but here in Mexico my view is that there is a lack of work spaces and perspective for young investigators, because the opportunity to keep doing experiments and research once a PhD has finished is scarce, The last year the National Council of Science and Technology in Mexico started a program to integrate young researchers in universities and other institutions; I hope that it will be just the beginning. How is in your country?

Also, from the topics to be presented at Juriquilla what do you have experience in? I perform recording of electrical current and intracellular calcium changes due to the opening of channels in single cells. I work mainly with the NMDA receptor. 

see you.

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