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Intro Webinar Follow Up

Meridian Watters

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Meridian Watters

Dear Associates,

The Latin American Training Program has officially launched! I hope each of you got a chance to tune into the first webinar on Wednesday, but if not you can watch it in the community library.

Since we did not have time to answer every question that was submitted during the webinar, we've answered them below:

  • Q: In the third webinar we are learning about how to be a citizen scientific meeting. It's about ethic of a scientific investigator?


  • The webinar about being a citizen scientist will focus on how to take your science from the lab into your community.  Advocacy and public awareness is crucial for the advancement of neuroscience funding and that starts with informing your local communities about the importance of brain research and health.  This webinar will encourage you to educate those around you and get involved with activities like Brain Awareness Week.


  • Q: Hello, I'm Alexandre from Brazil. I think this course will be a great chance to get more knowledge about professional development. I would like to know if we will have a focus in terms of jobs outside of academia as well in one of the webinars?


  • Although we will not have a webinar specifically devoted to this topic, SfN has great resources for jobs outside of academia.  For example, this video is of a workshop from the Annual Meeting, Neuroscience 2013 in San Diego, with great information about careers beyond the bench.


  • Q: Can we share this material with our laboratory colleagues?


  • You are free to start applying and sharing your new knowledge in your labs immediately.  Currently, the actual material is only available to members of the program on NeurOnLine. In the coming months, however, we will make all recorded webinars and lectures available to the public. At that time, we encourage you to share these resources with your lab colleagues.

As always, please feel free to reply to this thread by clicking "reply to egroup" if you have an additional question or something to add.

All the best,

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Hi Joel,
so glad you were able to join to watch the first lecture. I hope you’re able to do so the next few weeks! The schedule for talks is in the LATP Resource Library (all times are local for Queretaro).


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Thanks Christopher!!
I’m glad with the lecture. The Dr. Miledi’s research was amazing and so important for the science. I hope too take the next topics.
The topics important to my development as a researcher. Thanks for providing this valuable opportunity.

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