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April Neuronline Recap

Sam Staples

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Sam Staples

“Rigor” is the vaguest sought-after quality of research. But what do you need to do to encourage reviewers and colleagues to reach for the word “rigorous” when describing your work? Jason Williams explains how an experimenter’s mindset can place you on the right track. 


"During this period, out of sheer necessity, all of the lessons I had learned surrounding work-life balance came to a zenith." Learn how Dr. Bianca Jones Marlin balanced the birth of her son during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City and being called to the frontlines to advocate for the Black community as the tensions of racism in America rose. 


Outreach programming creates connections between scientists and their communities while expanding students’ perception of what science entails and who practices it. Dr. Kaitlin Laws and Dr. Greg J. Bashaw present their outreach program, DrosoPHILA, as a model for such partnerships. 


There is still much unknown about long COVID and its neurological effects. Read this Q&A as Dr. Carmine Pariante and Dr. Pierre Gressens address the topic in partnership with the Committee for Higher Education and Training (CHET) at FENS. 


Humans flexibly accomplish many diverse tasks in the service of their goals. This ability appears to depend on coordinated interactions among brain regions that form large-scale networks. Dr. Caterina Gratton discusses her path toward an individually-focused "precision" approach to measuring human brain networks and insights from this work in this Meet-the-Expert webinar. 

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