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From Cell Biological Studies of Synaptic Plasticity to Leadership Roles in Academia and Philanthropy

Julia Araujo

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A path of brilliant stories - from personal to scientific trajectories - Dr. Kelsey Martin's webinar extends itself even further than the title prompted, bringing our curiosity at every each neuron. After all, her studies, roles in the Academia and in the Philanthropy have "plasticity" in common. In one hand, the keyword moves towards the topic of Cell Biology. In the other, it merges and transports us among this amazing webinar, shaping and reshaping ideas.

Now available on demand, the topic of my second Event Recap tells about February 1st's event in a different matter. While Dr. Luby’s presentation resided much more on the prospect of the partnerships that had composed the simultaneous articles of a unique and unified research, shall us focus on : approach suited for Dr. Martin’s path.

For an instance, the representation focused on the ensemble of such outstanding publications - that were unified among Neuroimaging and Psychology at the previous Event Recap - doesn’t describe the life journey behind Dr. Martin's words. Therefore, I propose that my second text follows another direction - that ought to be followed in the next few paragraphs - and, within the purpose of celebrating the best Science has to offer, the researches cited at the webinar (by Dr. Kelsey Martin) gets to remain along theirs fascinating images and explanations, at the visual media on demand at Neuronline’s website. Emphatically, my personal recommendation for those who are interested in Gene Expression, Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction - among plenty of other subtopics - resides on specific articles’ explanations now found at the recording.

In fact, back to the though-provoking aspect of the entire webinar as a unit, I’m correlating further discussions - imperative to us in Science - and, specifically, to those passionate about Interdisciplinary. Not a mere and pure synthesis of what was presented during an hour of a day in February, my final clarification on the content - just read above - allows this text to be transformed as an interpretation for the “fire starter" (of thoughts and reflection) given by the presenter.

Starting at the creative universe of Literature, Dr Martin travelled through Community Service, Medicine and Political-Economical-Cultural reflections, all the up to her an increase of women participating into Science. In this context, I transcribe a bit of some emotions felt: passion (for real impacts on society); courage (towards the unknown at each new responsibility being a leader, a researcher, a doctor or a volunteer); curiosity (to pursue the interaction of new areas has to offer at its best), and so on.

Summarising, research production - shall it be emphasised - became greater and stronger from the webinar to beyond, not because of resident, nor due to the title of the event, neither in synchronicity with the Leadership Roles and the Philanthropy. In fact, a new perspective took Dr. Martin on her way to brilliant achievements and gave outstanding motivation for us here: passionate about Neuroscience.

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