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S.O.S. from a hospital

Julia Araujo

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Hello, dear colleagues! Olá, queridos colegas!

This topic was inspired by Dr. Valéria Muoio’s meeting post.

Initially, I decided to follow up her introduction and describe more about Brazil. Nonetheless, as it would fit more the Community’s goals, I hope to receive Dr. Muoio’s help on highlighting surgery and research. In fact, from a path that usually goes research towards medical practices, what do hospitals have to teach us who are pursuing research? How to we get the most out of this bridge crossing both ways?

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valeria muoio

Dearest Julia

It will be a pleasure to share my thoughts with you! The world is changing in such speedy pace, and we need more interactions between basic science and medical practice. Brazil, like many countries, struggles with lack of resources (money, political goodwill etc), and the repercussions of that are tremendous. I will send you a email and we can discuss this issue and holpefully, produce some material. How abou that?

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