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Returning to SFN... person to person interaction

Hugo Sanchez-Castillo

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Hugo Sanchez-Castillo

One of the most recurrent phrases in the meeting when I see somebody to talk is: Is nice to see you again here... That simple phrase has all the emotions that a scientist could express (I know we are peculiars), we lost two years of in vivo, we lost two years of discussions and sharing ideas, we lost some part of the continuum of the science communication. Because of that, I decided to share how I feel today. I feel a mix of emotions when I saw my old pals from my posdoc, I felt goose bumps when we sang at one of the lectures, I felt so happy when we started to present our work... This meeting is so importan and not only because is the most important in the world,  is  because is the one when we share with colleagues, friends, teachers and students. Is our Home, the neursciences home.


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