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September's Neuronline Community Recap

Bianca Williams

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Bianca Williams

⭐ September 30 Instagram Live: How to Advocate for Mental Health Research ⭐

Join us for SfN’s first Instagram Live, a follow up conversation to the How to Advocate for Mental Health Research webinar, where panelists discussed the heightened importance of addressing mental health across all ages, as well as the need for increased awareness and federal funding. The Instagram Live will take place September 30, 12:30 – 1 p.m. EDT. Follow us on Instagram @societyforneuroscience to get an alert when the event starts!


📝 Write for Neuronline

Writing for Neuronline can help you connect and share your experiences with colleagues around the world, practice nonscientific writing, and gain exposure for your research. Focus on one of Neuronline’s central topics – professional development, career advice, outreach, advocacy, training, diversity, or scientific research – either through a personal narrative, or simply share your advice. Fill out the interest form for a chance to be published and featured on SfN’s social media channels!


📄 Cynthia Chestek on Her Career Bridging Neuroscience and Electrical Engineering

Cynthia Chestek brings an electrical engineering approach to discover how to allow movement of multiple fingers simultaneously following paralysis or amputation, using a brain-machine interface. In this interview she recounts the moment she knew she'd pursue a career in neuroscience, describes the rewards of that career, and looks to the future of neural interface technology, including neural networks. She also offers advice to women in engineering for a successful graduate education and career.


📺  Studying Both Sexes in a World Built Around the Male Brain

Rebecca Shansky’s research investigates sexual dimorphism in fear circuitry using rodent models. Shansky’s lab integrates sophisticated behavioral analyses with high-resolution fluorescent microscopy to identify sex-specific patterns of fear expression, learning, and structural plasticity. Watch the full webinar recording, where she discusses the challenges and surprises she’s encountered as a sex differences-focused behavioral neuroscientist, as well as her current advocacy for sex equity in animal research.


📺  Optoception: Perception of Optogenetic Brain Perturbations

In this webinar recording, Dr. Ranier Gutierrez discusses his paper, “Optoception: Perception of Optogenetic Brain Perturbations” with eNeuro Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard, followed by a Q&A session.

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