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APA Early Career Service Grants

Hannah Zikria-Hagemeier

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Hannah Zikria-Hagemeier

Hello LATP here is a grant opportunity,

The American Psychological Association (APA) Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) is pleased to announce their Early Career Service Grants. The CECP is excited to award grants that align with their strategic priorities. Awardees selected will be granted a maximum of $3,000 each. Grants will be given to support the implementation of direct psychological services/programs that 1) are not eligible or likely to receive financial support from other funding agencies, and 2) are not likely to be delivered without the funding support. Examples of the type of services/programs CECP is seeking to support include, but in no way are limited to:  

  • Services that provide evidence-based training to community serving organizations

  • Mental health workshops

  • Professional development programs for community staff providers

  • Programs that address the psychological needs of diverse communities

Deadline: September 26, 2022
Sponsor: APA Committee on Early Career Psychologists


  • Applicants must be a dues-paid member of APA in any membership category

  • Applicants should have received a doctorate degree in psychology within the last 10 years

  • The proposed services/program supported via the grant must align with the below CECP priorities:

    • Prioritizing equity, diversity, and inclusion in every aspect of our work

    • Engaging in anti-racist work

    • Establishing and promoting leadership training opportunities for ECPs

    • Creating new opportunities for ECPs to serve in leadership positions

    • Elevating the visibility of ECPs and their work

  • The services/program must have a significant impact on psychology and/or society

  • Awardees must agree to allow CECP to publicize their work through some type of public forum, either in-person or virtually, at an APA convention or a CECP sponsored event

  • Awardees must commit to completing a semi-annual progress report and virtual meeting with CECP

  • The services must be completed by December 1, 2023

Submission Materials
Each application should be submitted as a single PDF file and include the following sections:

  1. Proposal: Statement describing the proposed services/program, including the following (in no more than 2 pages, single-spaced):

    • Description of the problem being addressed

    • Detailed description of the services/projects to be implemented

    • Description of the ways that psychological science supports the proposed
      services/projects and intended outcomes (evidence base)

    • Clearly outlined and measurable goals of the proposed services/projects (feasibility)

    • Description of the expected impact (potential reach)

    • Description of how your proposed project aligns with CECP priorities (see above)

    • Description of funding need and proposed budget. Please note:

      • Funds may not be used to support indirect or overhead costs, participant travel, research, or to compensate the awardee for conducting clinical services

      • The proposed services/project must not generate any revenue for the participants or their workplace. If participant fees are to be collected, they must be designated to a specific charitable organization. Please describe this in the budget proposal.

      • Recommendation: Include a 3% buffer as part of contingency estimates in your proposed budget

    • Documentation of any additional support/funding related to the proposed
      services/project (e.g., in-kind contributions, matching funds, etc.)

  1. Curriculum vitae - specifically:

    • 5 pages maximum, including focused content that is relevant to grant criteria

    • For group submissions, please include only the CV of the primary investigator

APA awards and grants may be subject to U.S. federal income tax withholding. Grant recipients will need to complete an IRS Form W-9 or a IRS Form W-8BEN (international members) prior to disbursement of funds.  

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