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2021 Brain Awareness Video Contest

Cashen Almstead

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Cashen Almstead

Find out more information here - https://www.sfn.org/initiatives/public-education-programs/brain-awareness-video-contest


Five tips to creating a great video:

  1. Be professional.
    • Pay attention to lighting and audio quality!
  2. Be concise.
    • 50 percent of viewers tune out after 3 minutes.
  3. Know your audience.
    • Drop the jargon and make it relevant and easy to understand.
  4. Be entertaining.
    • Use humor, a quick pace, and creative production.
    • Take advantage of what’s around you: white board drawings do well, so do videos shot in the lab or other interesting settings.
  5. Be unique.
    • Videos about surprising and quirky facts are popular.
    • Come up with a great title.
      • Accurately convey the video’s content.
      • Lists and questions tend to do well.

This summer, help us spread the word about the Brain Awareness People’s Choice Contest! Follow BrainFacts.org on Twitter, Faceook, and Instagram + use the hashtag #BAVC21 on social media.


  1. First place: $1,000 plus travel, two-nights lodging, and registration to Neuroscience 2021 in Chicago.
  2. Second place: $500
  3. Third place: $250
  4. People's Choice: $500

Read the 2021 rules and regulations.

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