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Brain-computer interfaces.

Michael Oberdorfer

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Michael Oberdorfer

The convergence of artificial intelligence, brain imaging, and brain-computer interfaces shows great promise for the development of brain-linked robotic devices to aid individuals with motor and/or sensory disabilities. The potential benefits of research and development of brain-computer interfaces have given rise to BRAINGATE, a multidisciplinary group of researchers in this area. Aside from the significant insights and applications of this approach, a recent article discussing the development of these neurotechnologies addresses the potential benefits, and raises some ethical concerns, some of which have been discussed earlier.

This research has expanded beyond academia with the recent announcement of work in this area by Neuralink, a private company which is heavily invested in the development of this technology. Neuralink was recently granted "breakthrough device" approval by the Food and Drug Administration for their brain implant.


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