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Potential impact of local laws on animal research.

Michael Oberdorfer

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Michael Oberdorfer

Speaking of Research reports that a new ordinance enacted by a small Wisconsin city could have an impact on the availability of dogs and cats for biomedical research. Richland Center, a town near Madison, WI, has passed an ordinance that would , " ...ban dog and cat experimental breeding in Richland Center and prohibits transporting dogs and cats outside of Richland Center for experimentation elsewhere." This is a tactic that animal activist groups are likely to follow in other local jurisdictions. 

The action by the Richland Center city council appears to be in response to the activity of a local animal activist group Dane 4 Dogs, who claim among other things that research involving animals can be replaced by alternative methods. Those who carry out animal-based research question this assertion, as stated in a recent article also published in Speaking of Research.

This could soon be coming to a town near you, Your thoughts?



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