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Not sure where this falls in the forum but here it goes....

Sky Rivers

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My girlfriend was diagnosed as type 1 diabetic at age 14 she is now 25. After getting updated blood work we have discovered, as I suspected that she was misdiagnosed. In fact her body is capable of producing enough insulin to support itself but has been forced to be dependent on insulin injections. We are working on repairing that part and she is now on updated insulin for this with a great doctor that is helping us.


She was also diagnosed with neuropathy in her legs associated with being diabetic. I have been experimenting with acupuncture and have mapped out her neuropathy which begins at a specific place in her leg just below the knee is where the disconnect occurs.

Methods to confirm the direct point of disconnect are listed below.

1. Acupuncture needles placed along the main nerve cluster from just above the knee fallowing own to the top of the foot. I discovered no feeling in the nerve from about 3 inches below the knee all the way down to her foot.

2. I took a ball that has dull needles used to stimulate the nerve and if I roll it from the foot up, no sensation. If I roll it from the knee down ( grabbing the connection) the pain fallows the ball all the way down and the sensation is restored in her legs and feet for a few seconds. So there is a specific point of disconnect in both her legs. Doctors in the past just blamed the diabetes instead of looking at the problem directly.


1. Can this pathway be repaired?

2. Would a general neurologist be the best path to take? Specialist in a specific field related to nerve treatment and repair?

3. False hope?

I am not a doctor. Our funds are limited so finding a good path that might help repair the issue in her legs is important to make best uses of our resources.

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