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Francis Collins: NIH policy on sexual harassment

Michael Oberdorfer

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Amanda Labuza

Positive: It seems the NIH truly want to address the problem.
Negative: Watching two men discuss women not feeling represented or welcomed proves the point a little, doesn’t it?

Positive: Consequences can be held on the national level.
Negative: There is still a lot of work to be done to change the culture and prevent sexual harassment.

Positive: Director Francis Collins admitted he could have done more sooner.
Negative: Apparently it takes a national #metoo movement to discover that within a male dominated field some actions may have occurred that didn’t make women feel welcomed and that at the leadership level there are hardly any women at all.

Best quote: “This shouldn’t just fall on the shoulders of the women to fix the problem that the men have largely been responsible for.” -NIH Director Francis Collins

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