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Officially launching on October 1, this blog supports eNeuro’s mission to provide a venue to share great science. The main vision of the blog is to humanize the science that is published in eNeuro. There will be regular posts that provide highlights of recent research, and insights into the researchers and research published in eNeuro. Additionally this blog will provide our editorial board, especially the Editor-in-Chief, a place to engage with the scientific community and spark discussions about publishing practices, peer review, and other relevant topics.

Currently, the categories of blog posts you will find are:

  • Beyond the Bench – intended to take research published in eNeuro and highlight the research while telling more of the story about the researchers, or the lab, or the history of this work.
  • Editors’ Picks – a brief introduction to research published in eNeuro that was of interest to a member of our editorial board.
  • Featured Findings – highlights an image that represents a key aspect of research published in eNeuro.
  • Discussion Posts– a place for thoughtful dialogue with the EiC about topics that are relevant to scientists today.

Check out the blog here: http://blog.eneuro.org.

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