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[Networking Opportunity] Local Outreach Initiatives


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Hi everyone,

I searched on forum for a similar post but I couldn’t find one, so I’ll be creating this topic. The purpose is to meet or share outreach initiatives from your country/city/university. You can share your own or someone else initiative/project with any contact link and a short explanation about it. Hopefully, we will create a topic to meet and network with potential collaborators and get inspired by other.

I will start with two different ones:

(1) EiSci - It’s an initiative from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where I’m currently pursuing my PhD, where students reach to high schools to teach science and healthcare in the Bronx community, in NY. I am not part of this group, but I’m looking to be soon! Link related

(2) Semana do Cerebro - It’s a project for the Brain Awareness Week in Brazil, leaded by universities UFABC and UNIFESP. It’s usually set on public parks within the greater Sao Paulo, explaining to the general public more about brain function and/or misconceptions. I helped to organize a couple of events and if you want to check more, click here.

Share any initiative/project that you know or want to start. Get inspired, get together!

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Thanks for starting this topic of conversation! It’s super important to bring the community together for this. I have found that some of my best ideas have come from bouncing ideas off of someone and then working together with them to create something better than I imagined.

I’m a PhD candidate at NYU, so my outreach is centered in New York City. If you aren’t aware, there are plenty of outreach groups through the city and they are absolutely amazing to work with. BraiNY, which is the NYC chapter of SfN is a great resource. If you’re considering outreach, definitely check them out!

BraiNY is also a great resource if you have a new idea but don’t know how to get started. They did this for me, actually, and sponsored the series I created called A Lot on the Mind. The series is a once-monthly show that aims to demystify neurological disorders, dispel stigmas, and highlight patient talents.Each show has three parts: 1) a clinical explanation of the disorder, 2) the latest research and tech making it to the field, and 3) a patient performance and conversation about stigma.

If you’re curious about learning more about the show you can follow this bit.ly:
(also, networking opportunity: if you know anything about purchasing domains and website design, etc., we could use your help!)

If you are interested in getting involved with BraiNY, check them out here:

Or on insta with @comebebrainy.nyc

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