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Prefrontal Regulation of Safety Learning during Ethologically Relevant Thermal Threat


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Register for “Prefrontal Regulation of Safety Learning during Ethologically Relevant Thermal Threat” and Other Tall Tales by selecting the attached link.

Join this interactive session as Anthony Burgos-Robles and Ada Felix-Ortiz discuss their paper, “Prefrontal Regulation of Safety Learning during Ethologically Relevant Thermal Threat”, with eNeuro Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard. Attendees can submit questions at registration and live during the webinar.

Below is the significance statement of the paper published on January 25, 2024 in eNeuro and authored by Ada C. Felix-Ortiz, Jaelyn M. Terrell, Carolina Gonzalez, Hope D. Msengi, Miranda B. Boggan, Angelica R. Ramos, Gabrielle Magalhães, and Anthony Burgos-Robles

This study provides new insights on the role of prefrontal cortical processing for threat and safety learning during thermal challenge. For this, a novel behavioral paradigm was implemented in which laboratory mice learned that a particular spatial zone was associated with either a noxious cold temperature (“thermal threat”) or a pleasant warm temperature (“thermal safety”). Manipulations of neuronal activity revealed that the prelimbic and infralimbic subregions of the medial prefrontal cortex bidirectionally regulated memory formation for the thermal safety zone, but not for the thermal threat zone. In addition, the influence of these cortical regions during safety memory formation was altered when mice underwent a stress treatment to produce a disease-like state.

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