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Last Day to Submit Applications for the Neuronline Community Leaders Program


Bianca Williams
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Calling All Community Leaders!

Join SfN in our re-introduction of the Community Leaders program. Community Leaders (CL’s) are members who spearhead the Neuronline Community by creating insightful posts on professional development and scientific advancement, as well as advising SfN staff on what may be interesting programming for members.


  • Be an active SfN member
  • Able to commit for one (1) year
  • Interest in leading discussion for the neuroscience community

Program Requirements

  • Participate in a monthly Community Leader check-in
  • Interact with fellow Neuronline Community users
  • Recap at least two SfN webinars throughout the year
  • Author or be interviewed for an article on Neuronline
  • Develop discussion and coverage of various topics, scientific or non-scientific
  • Contribute one (1) post per month to the Neuronline Community discussion




Frequently Asked Questions for the Neuronline Community Leaders Program

How long does the Neuronline Community Leaders program participation last?

Community Leaders serve for one year upon selection. The application period opens this year in early September and will close on September 26. Invitations to those selected will be sent in October 2022. A virtual welcome event (Zoom meeting) will take place after acceptance and conclude their service a year from that day.

SfN reserves the final right to select Neuronline Community Leader at its sole discretion.

What are the benefits of being a Neuronline Community Leader?

  • Lead conversations about scientific and professional development issues that matter to you
  • Showcase your writing and thought leadership
  • Be part of SfN’s volunteer community, helping to shape the future of the Society
  • Help shape the direction of the Neuronline Community, making it the most useful resource possible for the field
  • Join exclusive meetings and events to network with your fellow Community Leaders
  • Access to a private online forum for Neuronline Community Leaders

What are the requirements for maintaining the role as a Neuronline Community Leader?

Neuronline Community Leaders should plan on regular participation throughout the year (October 2022-September 2023). We understand that schedules vary and there may be times people can be more or less engaged. In general Community Leaders will be:

  • Contributing 1-2 posts per month, starting or responding to discussion topics
  • Welcoming new users to the Neuronline community
  • Participate in one or more of the following community activities, selecting a special project to lead through the year, such as:
    • Host an open thread
    • Facilitate a journal club discussion
    • Author a blog
    • Manage a community group
    • Recap an SfN webinar
    • Develop your own unique idea!
  • Interacting with and supporting fellow Neuronline community users
  • Attending and contributing to monthly Neuronline Community Leaders live chats and calls
  • Helping to promote and participate in SfN online events, such as live chats in the Neuronline community
  • Working with SfN staff on ways to continue growing the Neuronline Community and its usefulness as a resource to SfN members
  • Writing or being interviewed for a piece of written content for the resource side of Neuronline

While there is flexibility in participation, SfN reserves the right to remove Neuronline Community Leader status for an individual. Reasons may be but are not limited to:

  • Not being active in the program for an extended period
  • Identifying oneself as an SfN representative
  • Attacking or negatively inflaming online conversations or otherwise making disparaging comments, including not following Neuronline community guidelines
  • Behavior that goes against the Community Guidelines

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