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Navigating the Postdoc-PI Relationship


Bianca Williams
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The job of the postdoctoral fellow is, simply put, to get another job. Postdocs face significant challenges posed by the need to quickly learn a new field and formulate new hypotheses. As such, successfully navigating the postdoc-PI relationship is essential to the success and wellness of the postdoc. In this webinar, panelists will discuss ‘fit’ in a postdoc position, building a collaborative relationship between the postdoc and PI, and planning for the next career step. 

Learning objectives: 

At the conclusion of the webinar, you will gain insights from several different career stages and perspectives regarding: 

  • How to define, for yourself, the purpose of a postdoctoral position 
  • Different things to value or consider with respect to finding the right ‘fit’ for a postdoctoral lab 
  • Strategies to build a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship between a postdoc and a PI 
  • Some examples for how one might navigate a difficult conversation between a postdoc and a PI

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