Welcome to the Neuroscience 2018 Blogs!


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Welcome to the Neuroscience 2018 Blogs!

Meet the Neuroscience 2018 Bloggers
Prabarna Ganguly @ganguly_p – Themes A, H
Brionna Davis-Reyes @bddavisr – Themes B, G
Lana Grasser @lana.grasser – Theme C, F
Alfredo Manzano García @Alfredo.Manzano – Theme D, B
Dana Swarbrick @dana.swarbrick – Theme E, C
Benjamin Bell @ben.bell12 – Theme F, H
James Howe @jamesrhowe6 – Theme G, F
Sadie Witkowski @Sadie_Witkowski – Theme H, J
Jeremy Borniger @Jeremy_Borniger – Theme I, F
Alexandra Colon-Rodriguez @Alexandra – Theme J, B

List of Annual Meeting Themes

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