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Neuroscience 2017 Bloggers

Christopher Baldassano @chrisb – Theme H, I
Julia Basso @juliabasso – Theme G, H
Anand Krishnan @krisanandin – Theme B, C
Amanda Labuza @labuza – Theme E, J
Eric Lumsden @eric.lumsden Theme A, B
Geith Maal-Bared @GeithMB – Theme G, H
Rebecca Rodriguez @beccacalisi – Theme F, J
Irene Sanchez @irene.sanchez-brualla – Theme D, E
Raymond Sanchez @raysan53 – Theme F, G
Chinmaya Sandangi @csadangi – Theme C, I
Patrick Steadman @patrick.steadman – Theme G, H
Torrey Truszkowski @salmont3 – Theme A, D
Daniel Vahaba @Dan_Vahaba – Theme D, F

List of Annual Meeting Themes

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