Welcome to the 2018 Abstract Topic Matching Forum



Welcome to the 2018 Abstract Topic Matching Forum!

This is a forum to help abstract submitters reach out to others in their specific field to create diverse nanosymposium and poster session linking groups for Neuroscience 2018. Turn on your notifications to receive updates when other members post or respond to your message – see details below.

Linking Group Tips

  1. Linking groups are used to alert the Program Committee that a group of abstract submitters wish to be sessioned together. Groups can be created for poster sessions and nanosymposia.
  2. The theme, topic, and subtopic MUST match for every submitter in the linking group.
  3. The first person to create the linking group must provide the exact name of the group (i.e. ForestSilver) to all others for adding that linking group name to their abstracts.
  4. Linking groups for poster sessions are limited to 20 abstracts. Linking groups for nanosymposia are limited to 14 abstracts.

Nanosymposia Tips

Nano placement is competitive, due to a need for a well-balanced scientific program and space limitations. To improve the chances of a nano being selected, submitters should refer to the tips below. Fully-assembled nanos are considered prior to the review of single submitters. Single submitters will be placed in a nano if an appropriate topic and space is available.

  1. Submitters should select “Nano preferred” for their presentation format. Abstracts marked as “Poster Only” will not be considered for a nano.
  2. The theme, topic, and subtopic MUST match for every submitter in the linking group.
  3. Pre-organized nanos are encouraged to create and use a linking group. However, single submitters who are asking to be put in a nano may submit without a linking group.
  4. Linking groups with 5-12 abstracts have a greater chance of being accepted as a nano.

Managing Email Alerts
You can manage your email alerts and other notifications by clicking the circle icon with your initial in the upper right corner and choosing the Preferences button from the drop-down menu. After filling out your profile, scroll down to choose how often to receive emails from the forums and ‘watch’ or ‘track’ the Abstract Topic Matching Forum in order to not miss any replies or new posts.

If you have questions or feedback, contact program@sfn.org for more information.