Torrey Truszkowski, SFN 2017 blogger



My name is Torrey Truszkowski and I’ll be blogging about themes A (development) and D (sensory systems) as well as anything else that strikes my fancy. I’ll likely post about navigating the meeting for newbies, professional development workshops and more.

I’m a graduate student at Brown University working to understand multisensory integration in the lab of Carlos Aizenman. I am planning to transition to full time science communication after graduating.

Find me online: - my website and personal blog
@TorreyTruszko on Twitter
@salmont3 on Neuronline

Find me at the meeting:
Leading the workshop “A Practical Guide to Science Communication” on Sunday, Nov 12, noon-2pm.
Presenting a Dynamic Poster on Wednesday afternoon (located at DP06). “Network properties of multisensory integration in the developing optic tectum”

Check out this brief TED-style introduction to my research:


Hi Torrey !
I will also be covering sensory systems. Have you thought about which events do you want to cover?
I have pinpointed a symposium: “Cortical plasticity following sensory loss and restoration”. Also, several minisymposia: “Good vibrations: links between auditory and tactile perception”, “Sensation in action” and “Stratification of visceral pain”.
I just wanted to know if you plan on covering any of these, because that way I can focus on others. We are the ones covering sensory systems (together with @Dan_Vahaba) so maybe we can organize? :slight_smile:
As you wish!


Hi Irene,

I just went through the meeting planner today, and I think I might end up focusing on posters more than symposia. I did not have plans to cover the ones you mention, and I’ll leave them to you!

With 3 of us covering sensory systems, we should organize @Dan_Vahaba. I just sent a personal message to both of you that should serve as a quick repository of topics/posters/events we’re each writing about.


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