TEDx Music Therapy and Its Impact on the Brain


Interesting talk and article on the neurological mechanisms and benefits of music therapy by Dr. Elizabeth Stegemoller, a music therapist and neuroscientist at Iowa State University (and also my PI :stuck_out_tongue: ). Enjoy!



Hi, Pizbicki
May I relate you a most hilarious and remarkable clinical tale of music being life-saving? (THE best case in my 46 years of neuroanatomy, then clinical medicine)
He was 80, was known in his family for having perfect musical memory, but now was 3 days comatose after heroic surgery for gastric cancer. He just couldn’t come out of the anesthesia - The nurse pulled his sheet up to his ears, and told me and his elderly wife to expect the worst. She did not think he would pull through.
Zounds! I raced to my locker and retrieved the earphones and cassette tape of Benny Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall immortal version of Louis Prima’s “SingSingSing”. Goodman was from Chicago. So was the man in coma. Gene Krupa on drums - from Polish South Chicago.
Cranked up the volume to the max. Waited. Small talk with the missus. Time passed. 5 minutes.
The right foot started to wiggle. Then the right knee, with more amplitude.
Quickly, the whole leg, coordinated and rhythmic.
He was awake and talking by the end of the nurse’s shift.
Delighted with myself, I announced to his wife triumphantly: "Anita! We’ll just give him one pill a day (his old thyroid med), and he’ll be just like he was before!"
Without missing a beat, long-suffering Anita said: "Can’t we maybe just give him
half a pill?"
It was my dad.


I LOVE THIS STORY acmd41! Thank you so much. What a smile and joy this brought to my day.


You’ve earned a chuckle.
And… is true.
Keep on. You’re onto something major.