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Techniques and Integrative Physiology and Behavior Highlights

I am a neuroscientist funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative currently working at Stanford University as a post-doc in Luis de Lecea’s Lab. My focus is understanding basic neurocircuitry that controls sleep and wakefulness using optogenetics, calcium imaging, chemogenetics, EEG/EMG, and other strategies.

I am further interested in how the brain and periphery communicate, specifically in the context of cancer. I am using mass cytometry approaches to characterize the effects of brain stimulation on the peripheral immune response.

Jeremy C. Borniger, PhD

Keep an eye out for my posts on the newest and coolest techniques in the field, as well as more general posts on sleep, circadian rhythms, neuroimmunology, and brain/body communication.

Please visit my website for more detail, and follow me on twitter for real time updates during the meeting.

I look forward to seeing everyone in San Diego! If you see me, feel free to say hi!

Jeremy C Borniger, PhD
BRAIN Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow
de Lecea lab
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University SoM
Twitter: @jborniger
NeurOnline: Jeremy_Borniger

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