SfN Chapters Hold Brain Awareness Week Events


Several SfN chapters have shared success stories of their events throughout Brain Awareness Week this spring.

The Ames Chapter of SfN held a Brain Day for elementary and middle school children, with neuroscience undergraduate and graduate student volunteers, where children learned about neuroscience through activities and games demonstrating neuroanatomy, sensation and perception, cognition and more.

The Bangalore Chapter of SfN celebrated Brain Awareness Week by holding a SfN and NIMHANS sponsored “International Symposium on Neurodegenerative Diseases” in March, with speakers from India, US, Canada, Holland, and Germany.

The **Greater New York Chapter’**s Brain Awareness Week events, held over a week in March, consisted of immersive laboratory environments, a Neuroyoga session, game nights, and more. The Biobus was parked in Harlem as a mobile lab for visitors to view brains and ask questions, while BioBase created an immersive laboratory environment for hands-on demonstrations.

The Hudson-Berkshire Chapter of SfN hosted a Brain Awareness Day at Doane Stuart School in March, where younger children participated in brain demonstrations, a raffle, and poster sessions, while high school students listened to oral presentations.

From L to R: Ames, Bangalore, Greater New York, Hudson-Berkshire

The Kelantan Chapter, based in Malaysia, brought together scientists, students, and community members for its BAW event, aiming to create public awareness for neuroscience and the need for science funding. More than 30 neuroscientists and students contributed to the event, which featured exhibits and booths on topics such as strokes, tumors, and drug addiction.

The Louisville Chapter hosted Brain Days at the Kentucky Science Center, where nearly 1,400 attendees had the opportunity to meet scientists and visit interactive stations that included games and demonstrations, and exhibits on the nervous system, electrophysiology, brain surgery, and injuries.

The Massachusetts Chapter of SfN held the 11th Annual Central Massachusetts Regional Brain Bee on February 11, as well as their first meeting of the chapter on March 24, with 100 participants and several posters, speakers, and panels.

The North Carolina Triangle Chapter of SfN hosted several events for Brain Awareness Week, including the Brain and Behavior night in March, where organizations sponsored interactive exhibits, post-doctoral scholar talks, and more, the Teacher Workshop in Neuroscience, for training teachers in neuroscience, and the Neuroscience Trivia Night, a pub trivia contest with a neuroscience theme for neuroscientists in the region and general public.

From L to R: Kelantan, Louisville, Massachusetts, North Carolina Triangle

The North Central Florida Chapter of SfN hosted a Brain Awareness Week that consisted of field trips for nearly 2,200 students, a local chapter conference with discussions and poster sessions, and several lectures by leaders in the industry. Over 90 neuroscientists registered for the conference which featured panel discussions and a keynote address.

The North Florida Chapter of SfN held the North Florida Brain Bee for high school students in February, an event which was prepared for with lecture and tutorial sessions for the students. More than twenty students participated in the event.

The Northern West Virginia Chapter of SfN held events throughout Brain Awareness Week, especially for preschoolers and younger children. Children participated in sensorimotor activities and other brain-related activities with graduate students from the West Virginia University Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute.

The Oklahoma Neuroscience Chapter held an event on April 7 and 8 that included interactive activities, the chance to meet neuroscientists, and other activities for all ages. Visitors could participate in hands on-activities, including studying brains under microscopes.

From L to R: North Florida, Northern West Virginia, Oklahoma

The Pacific Cascade Chapter of SfN hosted an Open House for Brain Awareness Week on March 6, 2017 with participating departments including the Neurobiology and Behavior Community Outreach Program, the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences and more. The event was attended by approximately 750 students.

The San Diego Chapter of SfN held the 9th Annual San Diego Regional Brain Bee in January, for high school students in the area. The event received positive feedback and was well-attended by audience members and volunteers.

The Southeastern Mexico Chapter of SfN joined the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the Center for Brain Research of the University of Veracruz to promote the Semana Mundial del Cerebro, an event which explored different topics related to the brain and nervous system in both health and disease and was attended by nearly 1000 people.

The Tel Aviv Chapter of SfN hosted the Israel Brain Bee for high school students in March, where students came from all over Israel to participate in the contest. The well-attended event was sponsored by several science organizations, as well as the Israel Society for Neuroscience.

From L to R: Pacific Cascade, San Diego, Southeastern Mexico, Tel Aviv

The Turkey Chapter of SfN held Brain Awareness activities in March throughout in the country, with public conferences, nursery school activities, neuroanatomy laboratory tours for students, and television, radio, and film programs.

The UCLA Chapter, along with USC and the UC Irvine, hosted the Los Angeles/Irvine Brain Bee. Nearly 100 students ages 14-19 visited the UCLA Brain Research Institute to participate. Volunteers led demonstrations, panels, quizzes, and neuroscience jeopardy, and a guest lecturer discussed interactions between the brain and gut bacteria, and the effects on anxiety, learning, and memory.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison Neuroscience Training Program (NTP), which is part of the Wisconsin SfN Chapter, hosted well-attended events such as the Brain Awareness Week at the Madison Children’s Museum, where NTP Outreach had two booths, focused on the human brain and motor learning.

The SfN DC Metro Area Chapter hosted a station titled See and Hear Your Brain! For local students to stop by and learn about the human brain, through an interactive EEG station as well as a microscope station to visualize human brain cells. They also hosted the 3rd Annual Free Neuroscience Public Lecture, an initiative that aims to bring together scientists and members of the general community to talk about key issues in brain research.

From L to R: Turkey, UCLA, Wisconsin, DC Metro Area


Thank you to all the chapters who do such great work for Brain Awareness Week. I am a graduate student in the Ames Chapter of SfN, and it is truly inspiring to see all the innovative activities other chapters are doing around the world.