Running Journal from an SfN Meeting First-Timer: Day 3



I’ll be keeping an online journal during SfN 2017, detailing the experiences of a first-timer. This is the third entry, Monday November 13

Monday started with math.

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I was in the minisymposium about cellular and subcelluar synapse organization and there was one talk, which I found really interesting, trying to model mathematically how spine geometry shapes synaptic input. I’ve been looking more and more into computational neuroscience and am even registered for a computational neuro course on cousera, so this talk has me really excited to get started. The symposium was very interesting, lots of fascinating images at high resolution.The rest of the symposium went fine for the most part, until…

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The rest of Monday consisted mostly of looking at posters and jumping around from one lecture to another. I also managed to get my second blogpost up!

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You can find that here.

I was invited to attend an event Monday night but had a prior engagement. I wrote about the event in my first blogpost and also tweeted about it…

I was upset to miss out as it sounded really interesting, but was also glad to meet up with an old colleague and friend.

Lows from Monday:

  • I felt less productive Monday. Yes I got a blogpost up, but I felt like I missed a lot of events because of it
  • I had the worst polish sausage of my life (my lows are consistently food…)

Highs from Monday:

  • There’s a pattern here where my highs are always the poster sessions and symposiums, but those are my favorite aspects of these conferences
  • Blogpost #2

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