Running Journal from an SfN Meeting First-Timer: Day 2



I’ll be keeping an online journal during SfN 2017, detailing the experiences of a first-timer. This is the second entry, Sunday November 12

Today is my mom’s birthday, and since I was up early to drive down to the convention center I actually beat my sister to wishing her a happy birthday.

I know it is not at all related to the actual meeting but I was too damn proud to not include it. Did you see what time my sister texted her? She didn’t have anything specific scheduled early this morning and was still up and texting at 7.30a on a Sunday.


Today started much better (yes I remembered my headphones) and I got to my first symposium on the use of stem cells in neurological disease research. Lots of interesting talks and I was too busy taking notes to really tweet out anything interesting, although one slide did catch my eye.

day 2 tweet 1

I think the fact that the heat is not currently working in my Baltimore apartment added to that temptation.

After the symposium I made my way down to the poster sessions and got my first taste of the dynamic posters. They are essentially just monitors that allow people to make their poster a bit more animated, reminiscent of a powerpoint presentation, but I still thought it was a neat idea. And then, I was off to grab some goodies…

day 2 tweet 3

…and break some hearts.

day 2 tweet 4

Then I took my overstuffed bag to the 3rd floor to find a quiet spot to finish up my first thematic blogpost (found here) on the wide applicability of stem cells. It’s a bit of a puff piece but given how little I know about stem cells I thought a brief introduction into all of its applications might just trigger interest in others.

I ended the day in another minisymposium, this one about GABAergic signaling and how it relates to/coordinates with glutamatergic signaling. Really interesting stuff that I’ll be writing about in depth in an upcoming blogpost.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a birthday girl to call.

Lows from day 2:

  • I was just introduced to the term FOMO (fear of missing out) and boy was I feeling it today… lots of poster presentations and lectures of interest that I just couldn’t make it to
  • I overpaid for a chicken sandwich
  • I feel I didn’t do a good job of being on top of things in the twittersphere… I hope to improve on that tomorrow

Highs from day 2:

  • I’m glad to have gotten my first blogpost out
  • I heard a lot of interesting talks and saw some great posters that I’m excited to write about
  • I managed to grab a lot of free publications from the booths of publishers! I’m looking forward to explore some of these journals I’m not that familiar with (and I suggest you all make your way through those booths to get some publications that may interest you - they are also having sales on books that I’m sure I’ll get to later)

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