Running Journal from an SfN Meeting First-Timer: Day 1


I’ll be keeping an online journal during SfN 2017, detailing the experiences of a first-timer. This is the first entry, Saturday November 11

The mistakes came early and often.

day 1 tweet 1

Technically my first mistake occurred the night before when I left my SfN badge in lab (meaning I had to get up early and pick it up before going to the train station), but I was only counting mistakes from today. I somehow survived the train ride without my podcast security blanket and arrived to the Washington Convention Center.

Where I promptly got lost.

At least other meeting-goers were looking out for me.

day 1 tweet 4

I made it to the conversation between Dr. Eric Nestle and Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, which I found quite engaging, and was back on track. I could not believe just how large the hall was for that lecture. Everyone had been telling me prior to coming down that SfN was overwhelmingly big but you can’t appreciate it until you experience it yourself.

An hour at a stem-cell symposium (which I will discuss in a future blog post), followed by a meeting with the other Neuronline community members and I was feeling in control. Until…

day 1 tweet 5

And, of course, more from the peanut gallery…

day 1 tweet 6

Tomorrow will go better… right?

Lows from day 1:

  • [See above]

Highs from day 1:

  • I really enjoyed the stem cell symposium - I don’t know much about stem cells (still don’t) but it was a great way to get an idea of what’s going on in the field
  • Poster sessions are always great and today’s was no exception! A bit overwhelming because of the massive number of posters, but such a fantastic way to learn some things and meet some great scientists
  • Meeting the others in the Neuronline Community was a treat, and interacting with everyone online was a blast! I’ve never live-tweeted an event and while it was hectic and busy, it provided a dynamic conversation outside of just what was happening on stage

Feel free to follow me on twitter (@lumsden_eric) and check back here on Neuronline for more discussion about my experiences so far at SfN 2017!

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