NuRhoPsi Honors Neuroscientists



Did you know the Dalai Lama was an honorary member of the only national neuroscience honorary society? Neither did I! But while attending Nu Rho Psi (very cleverly named) Inaugural SfN National Meeting Monday night, I discovered this fact and more. I was thrilled to attend the NRP reception and join in celebrating NRP’s 10th year of encouraging professional interest and excellence, recognizing scholars, and increasing public awareness.

Executive Director Dr. Michael Kerchner (left) inducts Keynote Speaker Dr. Bruce McEwen (right).

NRP took time to recognize all of their current officers and honor all the new members including 6 new chapters that joined this year! Right in front of my eyes their newest member and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Bruce S. McEwen from Rockefeller University became their newest honorary member. Dr. McEwen gave a great talk about glucocorticoid receptors perfectly geared towards undergraduate students and fitting with their 2017-2018 theme of “Stress & Anxiety”

What I loved most was how they decided the theme for next year. The president asked everyone to gather around a few tables and discuss among themselves what topic they would like to be the theme. They let the members drive the discussion. It was the NRP committee’s job to merely pick the top choice. This society serves its members. All of the money they collect goes into awards for undergraduate students. With an increased budget this year, they added a new award, the Outstanding Member, to highlight even more student accomplishments. The whole night was to promote the students, not the leaders. It was a beautiful example of humble leaders.

Attending 2017 Nu Rho Psi Award Winners

I would like to personally congratulate all of the award recipients. A special congratulations is required to the winner of the Chapter of the Year, Ohio State University, I won’t bore you here by the more than 20 award recipients, but I encourage you to visit their soon-to-be update website and see them for yourself. Or follow them at @nurhopsi to see more pictures of the events. Congratulations to all the winners! You are inspiring for being so passionate about neuroscience, maintaining high gpa in related classes, and serving your community. You have earned it!


Thanks for spotlighting Nu Rho Psi! I became a member as an undergraduate (Alpha Chapter in Pennsylvania at University of Scranton) and it has made a huge difference for my career trajectory so far!


Thanks a lot for the report!
I didn’t know of this society. Very interesting, I will follow it.