Motivation & Cognition at SfN 2017



Motivation & Cognition Blogger: Geith Maal-Bared

Hello, Neuronline contributors (and lurkers)!

I’m a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto doing research on the neurobiology of motivation. In more specific terms, I study the neural mechanisms by which a formerly rewarding drug can become merely negatively reinforcing. I could go on and on about the specifics but if you’re curious, check out my talk on the last day of this year’s meeting!

Over the course of the conference, I’m going to be blogging about some of the neat talks and posters in the areas of motivation and cognition. I usually gravitate toward research on the mechanisms of drug dependence, disordered eating, motivational circuitry, consolidation and reconsolidation. However, my blogs will not be limited to these topics and will cover any highlights within themes G and H.

Geith Maal-Bared
PhD Candidate
van der Kooy Lab
University of Toronto
Neuronline: @GeithMB
Twitter: @GeithMB

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