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Highlights in Motivation, Emotion, and Cognition

Hi y’all!

My name’s James Howe, and I’m a second-year PhD student in the Root Lab at UCSD! I study olfaction and genomics, using single cell RNA-seq to figure out what genes encode innate fear responses to certain odors. I also do behavior in mice, with a focus on assays for emotion and memory.

This year, I’ll be blogging about learning and memory, fear, reward, and drugs. Watch out for posts on other related interesting phenomena like PTSD and decision making too.

I don’t have a presentation this year, but I know every inch of San Diego: come find me if you want to know a good bar or beach to check out while you’re here!

James Howe
PhD Student
Root Lab
University of California, San Diego
Neuronline: @jamesrhowe6
Twitter: @jamesrhowe6

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