Looking to share a room from Oct18-23


I’m a research scientist from University of Florida. I’m looking looking to share a room between Oct 18-23. Please contact me at na.subramanian@ufl.edu

Narayan S

Hi Narayan,

Are you still looking for a roommate for the 18th-23rd? Let me know - I’d be happy to talk further. Thanks!


Hi Dave,
Yes I’m. I have booked Fairfield near midway airport as a precautionary measure from 19th-23. I found that using public transport system it is 1 hour to the conference center. Yes I will be looking for room-mates who can share the cost because this will be much cheaper compared to ones in downtown. I wanted to avoid traveling to O’Hare airport because it is too far. The current one has airport shuttle as well. This one is $652.76 inclusive taxes for two.

Have you booked any near to the conference site and how much would it cost if you have booked one?

Happy to talk more